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Having a hard time fretting a transition…Skip some strings

I was working on the song, “I Bowed on my knees and cried holy.” Not a too terribly difficult song, although I messed it up in the middle…

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Why You Should Sing Even Though You Play The Guitar

I ain’t gonna lie… I’m not a bad singer… But I ain’t a great singer either…

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Play What You Feel Like Playing The Guitar

Today, I didn’t feel like playing… Lol… That’s why I wrote This article the other day. So I picked up the Guitar during my practice time…. And I played some songs that I wanted to play.

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What to do When You Don’t feel Like Practicing The Guitar

We all have been there… You just don’t feel like practicing…. I’m in one of those times now… So what do you do? Force yourself….to play…. You thinking that wasn’t helpful

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How to Figure Out A Song to Play and Sing On The Guitar

OK…I am very new to this game and one thing I really wanted to learn is how to figure out a song. to do this we need a palate of possible chords. For most songs, your chords in them will

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Guitar Amp in Your Pocket

I mostly play acoustic, but every once in a while I pull out my son’s electric guitar. Now I have a small practice amp that is alright. turn the volume down so that I don’t wake up anybody else. But

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Improving Your YouTube Videos While Singing And Strumming The Guitar

Yeah folks… I love making videos on my IPhone. it is easy… Very easy… You just turn on the camera app and set record. BUT… The vocal is usually out of wack… The guitar is a lot louder than the

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Your Guitar Playing Ain’t As Bad As You Think…It Ain’t As Good Either

You know what. Depending on the day…. I amaze myself… I mean how good it sounds…Well not often…but it does happen…lol

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