How to Figure Out A Song to Play and Sing On The Guitar

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OK…I am very new to this game and one thing I really wanted to learn is how to figure out a song.

to do this we need a palate of possible chords.

For most songs, your chords in them will be one of the following.

Major – I, IV, V

Minor – ii, iii, vi


So what that means in the key of A

your possible chords will be.

Major – A(I), D(IV), E(V)
[jtab phrase=’A D E’]

Minor – Bm(ii), C#m(iii), F#m(vi)
[jtab phrase=’Bm C#m F#m’]

Now I like to play in A…the problem though is I have a hard time playing those minors at this point. I really need to practice them more…

An easier key for me to play in is G

In the key of G the possible chords are:

Major – G(I), C(IV), D(V)
[jtab phrase=’G C D’]

Minor – Am(ii), Bm(iii), Em(vi),
[jtab phrase=’Am Bm Em’]

Now for a lot of the hymns and gospel songs I play…

I start with the Major chords. you can play a lot of songs just with the I, IV, and V.

Now if you have to add in other chords.

First try the vi and then the ii and then finally the iii

So in G

Try the G, C, and D

Then try the EM then Am and finally Bm.

Now if you having issues…go hit some Tablature sites which will help you.

But in the final analysis, go try to figure them out yourself.

If you are playing hymns, you should be able to figure most out like this…

To repeat. Start with the I, IV, and V…

Then try the vi…

Then try the ii

and finally the iii

and you will be able to play most songs.

how do you learn the chords?

Here is a good simple reference to learn the chords you need to learn.

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