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How To Do Vibrato

The other day I listened to a harmonica player on YouTube. The note playing was perfect, but something was wrong. The notes felt lifeless. What could be done? It then hit me. The player had no vibrato at all. What

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How To Play a Single Note on Harmonica

One of the first things you need to do when learning to play the harmonica is play single notes. In fact one of the easiest ways (and I mean relatively easy” to separate yourself from very new players is to

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4 Phases to Harmonica Improvisation

How do you improvise on the harmonica? Well I am just learning like everybody else, but right now I have four phases. And each phase has a different mindset and different approach. I call it “Listen and the 3 Ps”

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How Many Harmonicas Do I Need?

So you want to play harmonica. You have viewed a few YouTube videos and have seen some great players and teachers and you are now excited and ready to get started. I want to welcome you to the guild of

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Is Learning the Harmonica Easy?

This is a pretty common question. Someone wants to learn how to play harmonica and think they are gonna become a great blues harmonica player in a couple weeks at 10 minutes a day and so they ask, “Is it

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