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Learning Gospel Guitar From Scratch

OK…Someone asked…what book should I buy if I want to learn guitar to play in church. There are a few method books out there as well as courses to teach Christian Guitar. I see some “hymn-based” instructional methods. and I

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Why I Love The Guitar App Uberchord for Practicing

OK…I wanted to riff on the use of Uberchord in my practice routine. Check it out. I tried a few apps and training methodologies for learning music. And I guess you got one of two methods you can go down…

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Smartphone Apps for Singing and Strumming The Guitar

Ok… I have a ton of apps on my smartphone… For everything…. My calendars are on there…. My to-do lists are on there… I use the music apps… And I have a ton of music apps…but I only use a

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3 Steps To Playing Guitar While Singing

OK…I been at this thing for like 18 months. One thing I am very happy I did from the beginning… was to play and sing… Someone asked me… “What can I do to learn to play and sing at the

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