Why I Love The Guitar App Uberchord for Practicing

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OK…I wanted to riff on the use of Uberchord in my practice routine.

Check it out.

I tried a few apps and training methodologies for learning music.

And I guess you got one of two methods you can go down…

1) Just songs…

There are a lot of guitar teachers who only teach (or mostly teach songs). This can be kidn of cool. It can be good. But, you have to make sure that the songs you pick especially work what you need to work.

And often they don’t…

Sometimes my practice routine falls into this.

I just play songs that I know how to play, and I don’t get better…

At any rate, Uberchord has some songs incorporated into the setup, but that is not the only part. They do have exercizes in addition.

2) Learn tools and skills but not a lot of songs.

Now this can help you get better, but then you don’t really learn musicality.

You need to learn skills in the context of a song.

So you learn a scale…but you never learn how to turn it into a solo…

Or you learn how to move from a Dsus4 to a D and back and forth, but you never learn how to actually use it.

The nice thing about Uberchord is that you learn some skills and when you follow the lessons it puts those skills straight into the songs.

So you learning a struming pattern using its cool strumming teaching module…and then when you hit a song, it puts patterns into the songs.

3) One Size Fits All

OK…everybody has this problem. You only got one method of teaching guitar. Start and the beginning and go through…

And Uberchord has this too…The one size fits all method of training…


It also allows you to create your own exercises.

So check it out…I have played in A for a while and am pretty good and hitting the major chords…

A, E, and D.

But what about the minor chords in the key of A?

Bm, Cm, and F#m

I have issues with about all of them…

So I can create an exercise that helps me learn those chords.

In addition, there are a number of songs pre-loaded in it…

But let’s say I’m wanting to play a particular song that is not in there…

I can add that to.

So yes….Uberchord helps me, and I think you should go head and add it to your smart phone. Go head and check it out.

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