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How To Keep Your Guitar Strap From Failing

You playing the guitar and your strap just disconnects. Yep it happens. I was playing myself and the guitar just dropped. Luckily I was sitting down and it didn’t really mess up the guitar, but it was a scary thing.

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5 Reasons You Are Not Improving On Guitar and What to Do About It

You’ve played for hours and your cat still sequels, your dog still whines, and your family runs for the nearest exit every time you pick up your guitar. What is going on? Why are you not getting better? Well there

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Six Steps to Playing And Singing Simultaneously

When I decided to play guitar, what I had in mind was playing and singing at the same time. Doing both at the same time is not an easy thing. There are so many moving parts. You have the rhythm

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What is the Difference Between an Electric and an Acoustic Guitar Amplifier?

Let’s talk about guitar amplifiers (amps). You got an amp for your electric guitar and you want to plug your acoustic guitar into it. Can you? Should you? Why should I even care about these different types of amps? You

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