Teachers I have worked With

Here are the Harmonica Teachers that I have had lessons, either canned lessons or workshop lessons, or private lessons.

Jon Gindick – One lesson he gave to the Gospel Harmonica Form and a ton of his lessons you can buy, most notably Country Blues Harmonica and Bluesify your Melody. Haven’t worked through much of it, but will.

Mike Caldwell – Gospel Harmonica Forum and Private Skype Lessons. He is a country player in the Charlie McCoy mindset. He does a lot of accompaniment Harmonica as well as some lead. Working on both with him.

Adam Gussow – Took a couple Lessons at the Midwest Harmonica Workshop. He has a mammoth list of YouTube videos that some guys swear by. Big time Blues Guy.

Ronnie Shellist – took a few Private Skype Lessons working on adding a blues groove to my gospel and hymns repertoire. Also purchased some lessons off of his website.

Dave Barrett – Working on BluesHarmonica.com which I love.

Dave Gage – I signed up for HarmonicaLessons.Com. But didn’t come to it till later. He teaches a methodology that gets you to jamming quickly. I like it and will go back.

Brandon Bailey – Took a couple lessons at Midwest Harmonica Workshop. Learned about economy of air usage here just by looking at him play up close.

Todd Parrott – Big time country Gospel player in the Terry McMillan vein. Took a couple of lessons from him at Midwest Harmonica Workshop.

Keith Mitchell – Haven’t had a lesson with him, but he runs the Gospel Harmonica Community on Facebook. I have posted there more than anywhere else, so his work has helped me tremendously.

Sean Wailin O’Phelan – Also haven’t had any lessons with him, but he runs Midwest Harmonica Workshop. I attended and it was well worth the time and expense.