Smartphone Apps for Singing and Strumming The Guitar

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I have a ton of apps on my smartphone…

For everything….

My calendars are on there….
My to-do lists are on there…

I use the music apps…

And I have a ton of music apps…but I only use a few over and over…

What are they?


Now this is a nice application that allows you to practice chords on the guitar. In time…

You really aughta play with this.

It keeps track of how much time and how effective you are in learning skills.

I admit that I go through times of not using it…but it helps every time I use it.

Uberchord can be found here.


OK…you want to learn how to sing. You know you have to sing songs. And you should.

You should listen to songs.

Copy what you hear.

This is the best way to get an authentic sound.

But you also probably want to do some exercises.

Now I have talked about this some how you probably want to do some real song exercises. And I believe that.

But..still..some artificial exercises can be helpful.

And here you get 3 of them every day…

You get an Agility, a Head voice, and a Core exercise. And they do help. It recognizes when you are on the right note and it grades you.

They have also added a performance song. here you sing along with a well known artist.

It’s helping me. Checkout Vanido here.

Amazing Slow Downer.


When I’m doing my singing practice.

I take a song by one of the great ones.

Like Sam Cooke…

Or Mahalia Jackson…

Or Aretha Franklin…

And then I load it into Amazing Slow Downer.

And then I slow it down so that I can figure out the runs that are in the song.

I also bring the pitch down to my range.

And then I’m ready to sing.

Slowly speeding it up.

And slowing putting the pitch up to where it should be.

I have written about the Amazing Slow Downer here.

Get these 3 apps and you will be ready for action. I think they are all on IOS as well as Apple.

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