Guitar Amp in Your Pocket

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I mostly play acoustic, but every once in a while I pull out my son’s electric guitar.

Now I have a small practice amp that is alright. turn the volume down so that I don’t wake up anybody else.

But if I’m gonna do that, why not try something else.

I can take my IRIG and hook it up to my Iphone and use one of those cool amp simulator apps like AMPKit….

Or I can do something entirely different.

Why not pull out an amp…

that fits in your pocket?


Yeah check out the VOX Amp Plug.

See with the IRIG to IPHONE hook up I need:

1) My IPhone
2) An IRig – no that expensive but it is not cheap either
3) A Guitar Chord – OK, you probably got one, but still you gotta go get it and plug it in.
4) Your Headphones
5) Guitar – duh….lol

In contrast, for practicing you can pull out the VOX Amp Plug and get to cracking with only

1) VOX Amp Plug
2) Your Headphones
3) Your Guitar

Yep…you plug that VOX Amp Plug straight into your guitar where you would normally put the cord.

And violla….

you ready for action…

There are a number of different amp styles….clean, lead, classic, blues, metal, etc….and each one sounds a little diffrent.

Each amp Plug has chorus, delay, and reverb built in…which is cool.

Now it is a bit less flexible than the IRIG method, but it doesn’t take your phoen away from you.

Plus it is a bit cheaper…

Go head and check it out…it is cool for those midnight practicing sessions when you don’t want to wake anybody up.

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