Improving Your YouTube Videos While Singing And Strumming The Guitar

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Yeah folks…

I love making videos on my IPhone. it is easy…

Very easy…

You just turn on the camera app and set record.


The vocal is usually out of wack…

The guitar is a lot louder than the vocal…

And it don’t sound right.

Now you essentially got two roads to go down…

You can go through some steps to set up your studio…

1) Get a Vocal Mic like SM58 and a Mic Stand.
2) Get an Instrument Mic like SM57 and a Mic Stand
3) get a mixer to put them both in.
4) then plug that mixer into your iphone or something maybe with an IRIG.

Now that’s a lot of stuff. Especailly when you starting and not sounding that good.

A much more economical, although less flexible, alternative is to cut out the mic stands. Cut out the mixer. Play from one mic…a Lavalier Mic.

So what am I suggesting?

Go grab your tripod.

I mean the tripod you use for your camera.

Go grab it. And if you ain’t got one, Here is a decent one right here.

Now get you a way to connect your Iphone up to it.

Here is a genious clamp that attaches to your tripod and clamps your iphone to it. And it is very inexpensive. In addition, it is pretty solidly made.

Finally, you need a Rode Lavalier Mic.

This is a very cool device that attaches to your person. Clip it to your shirt.

And plug it right into your IPhone.

And you are ready for action.

Now it ain’t perfect and you probably are gonna have to play around with how close you put the mic to your mouth in that the mic picks up both the guitar and your singing…

BUT…it is a very cool alternative and a lot less expensive than the full setup I wrote about earlier.

So yeah…you can make decent YouTube covers, hymns, originals, or whatever by simply getting three things and your IPhone.

1) Tripod
2) IPhone Clamp
3) Rode Lavalier Mic

And get to playing cause you should always spend more time playing your guitar than playing arond with gadgets…

Or blogging about it like I am doing right now…lol

Let me get to playing…

Till next time.

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