Amazing Slow Downer…And What Folks Are Doing

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So when I was learning how to play harmonica, someone suggested that I grab hold of the amazing slow downer to slow down a background part so that I could play with it.

Well, RnB Singing Lessons suggests using that Amazing Slow Downer with singing.

So I cracked out the Amazing Slow Downer with Sam Cooke’s gospel song Wonderful.

Slowing someone like Sam Cooke down is interesting. There is no way I could figure out some of this without slowing him down.

Some of his runs are even difficult to figure out at 25% of full speed.

In addition, his dynamics are just amazing, how he changes from loud to soft and back again. In addition, his ability, in his gospel tunes, to go from gruff to sweet is awe inspiring.

At any rate…figuring out what he does is one thing…but then speeding your own vocal up to his that’s something else…I guess eventually I will get there…

But Amazing Slow Downer Will Help every step of the way. You need this tool…

Check it out here

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